ACDM Objectives

The ACDM major objectives are:

  • To promote the use of Composite Pedestrian Doorsets to the UKs housing market for new build housing and the regeneration of existing buildings.

  • To promote the specification of ACDM members for the supply of doorset components, manufacture of composite pedestrian doorsets and the installation of composite pedestrian doorsets through the ACDM’s members Code of Conduct that requires all ACDM members to hold Third Party Certification through an UKAS or similar accredited certification body. for both the manufacture and installation of Composite Doorsets.

  • To influence Government policy relating to Building Regulations and guidance issued by all Nation States of the UK

  • To promote the use of Composite Doorsets to all specifiers such as Local Authorities, Housing Associations, House Builders, Architects as well as homeowners wishing to replace their entrance doors.

  • To represent the Composite Pedestrian Doorset interests in the British and European Standards setting arena, through its membership of BSI specialist technical committees.

  • To promote the use of enhanced security Composite Pedestrian Doorsets through its involvement with organisations such as Secured by Design.

  • To promote the testing and certification requirements of Fire-Resistant Composite Entrance Doorsets through the ACDM working with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) Fire Safety team.