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Fire Protection vents

Lorient, the leading manufacturer of intumescent products in the United Kingdom, has announced a new range of air transfer grilles that combine fire protection with air circulation. The grilles are designed to allow fresh air to circulate through doors, walls, ducts, floors, and ceilings while providing protection against fire and smoke.

In the event of a fire, the intumescent slats and framing components of the grilles swell to many times their original size, fusing together to form a non-combustible mass, which provides a barrier to fire. Smoke protection is also provided by the Talkback system, which includes an added smoke control shutter.

The benefits of using intumescent air transfer grilles from Lorient are numerous. They offer a reliable solid-state design that does not contain any moving parts, making them more reliable than conventional mechanical fire dampers. Additionally, Lorient’s products are suitable for all applications, including doors, walls, ducts, floors, and ceilings. Installation is easy, and maintenance is low.

Moreover, Lorient’s products have been tested and approved in accordance with the latest standards, including BS 476-22:1987 and BS EN 1364-5:2017, ensuring reliable and effective fire protection. Fire performance ratings range from 30 minutes to over 180 minutes, and combined fire and smoke air transfer grilles are available. Finally, the products are coordinated with other Lorient products and ironmongery, ensuring a cohesive and effective fire protection system.

Lorient’s new range of air transfer grilles represents a significant advancement in fire protection technology, providing reliable protection against fire and smoke while maintaining effective air circulation. As a proud Made In Britain manufacturer, Lorient is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers.

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