Member Sectors

Members of the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers provide products and services to the Fenestration industry and can be categorised as follows:

Door leaf/slab manufacturers and System Houses/Designers 

  • These members either supply the base components for the manufacture of Composite doorsets such as the door leaf, door framing or essential hardware.
  • Many of these members also provide the specification and manufacturing manual for the doorset, usually providing significant amounts of test data to support the performance of finished doorsets, vitally important when manufacturing security and fire-resistant doorsets.

Composite doorset manufacturers

  • Manufacturers/Fabricators of composite doorsets (ACDM members only supply factory assembled doorsets) that are manufactured for performance, usually security and/or fire-resistance. All doorsets manufactured by ACDM members are supported by independent third-party certification based on a range of test evidence.

Component manufacturers and suppliers 

  • ACDM members manufacture and/or supply components such as door leaves, the essential hardware or glazing required to manufacture composite doorsets. All components are manufactured and tested to the relevant product standards, either British Standards or European Standards, to ensure performance and durability of the finished doorset.

Doorset installers 

  • All ACDM members that install composite doorsets employ the services of suitably trained and competent installers to ensure all composite doorsets are installed in a manner that will not have a detrimental affect on the doorsets final performance, of particular relevance to fire-resisting composite doorsets as well as doorsets providing enhanced security.