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The formation of the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers represents a milestone in the development of the “composite door” as a product and underlines its increasing popularity in all facts of the Housing Market.

Composite doors over the last twenty five years have developed into three main types – Steel Faced, Thermoplastic faced (e.g. PVCu, ABS) and Thermoset Faced (e.g. Fiberglass, Carbon Fibre). These generally have a very similar construction, comprising two mounded surface skins, an inner door framing material and a foam insulating core.

The Association includes members covering all of the main construction types. It is partly for the continuing development of performance standards that the ACDM has been formed, since it is essential to represent all forms of products so that none is disadvantaged by not being represented.

Cylinder Security Statement

In light of recent publicity surrounding the threat to home security through the method of lock snapping, the association of Composite Door Manufacturers has prepared a statement to guide consumers in the most effective methods of improving home security.

Approved Document L 2010 and doors

From 1 October 2010 the new version of the Approved Document L comes into effect. This applies to both new construction and replacement installations.

Approved Document L

Ben Penson, Chair of the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers, on the details of the new Approved Document L

Now that Approved Document L has been published and its requirements and standards are started in black and white, it is time to take a closer look at how it will impact the door market, Previous revisions to the document, specifically with regard to existing dwellings, have by the large bypassed entrance doors and focused specifically on windows, this is set to change.

Statement concerning the need to forcibly gain authorised entry to a property through the door.

The Association of Composite Door Manufacturers recognises that situations may arise when it becomes necessary to force access into a properly through the entrance door.

Such circumstances with include emergencies such as gas leaks, flood and fire or other risk to life such as critical illness, and also suspicion of illegal activity. In these situations, the emergency services are both trained and appropriately equipped to gain entry.


ACDM has been formed in order to introduce self-regulation and discipline into the new type of external doorsets with are manufactured from a combination of new technology materials.

Specifically excluding single material doors (timber, UPVC and aluminium) ACDM exists to represent all UK manufacturers of “composite” doors, i.e. doors made from more than one material, irrespective of their specific construction within that board definition.

Unlike any other association representing door manufacturers, ACDM has established a minimum standard for membership, based upon actual product performance. Therefore only those composite door manufacturers who have achieved PAS 23 and PAS 24 with a UKAS test house, may be considered for membership. This should then establish a certain quality and credibility of the members and should, also, assist specifiers when seeking composite doors of a proven standard of security, weather resistance and performance.

A major part of ACDM’s remit is to represent the concept of composite doors with all technical and consultative bodies involved in the formation of the future standards of performance within the building and associated industries, whether to British or European standards.

ACDM recognises that the entire concept of ‘composite doors’ is new and thus may be understandably confusing to some. Therefore, another aim of the association is to remove any confusion and clearly stating the material differences and responding impartially to enquiries of generic nature. A ‘Helpline’ will also be introduced to provide information about members and a website will be available for all to contact.

ACDM has a code of conduct which all member have agreed to observe in the execution of their business. Members failing to do so maybe be voted out of the association, altogether.

ACDM will ensure that all members and enquiries and enquirers are kept up-to-date with the latest regulations concerning external door products.

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